Landon Conrad and Flex

Landon ConradLandon Conrad and Flex are both dressed in suits and sat at their office desks. Both of their phones ring and they both answer, neither of them saying anything except for ‘hello’ before they put their phones down. Landon Conrad stands up and comes towards Flex telling him that he is after the mole, and that he has been told that whoever the snitch is, he has a particular mark on his body. Flex stands up and each guy grabs the other’s shirt. As they rip them wide open, buttons go flying in different directions, scattering all over the office. They search each other’s hard bodies and even drop their pants showing off their hard cocks.

Predator Part 4

Landon Conrad is a muscular bottom with an eight and a half inch cock, he’s an all American, blue eyed blond haired stud, and he is in the sights of the Predator. This is part for our the on-going series from Drill My Hole that sees Jarec Wentworth as the prowler, the man-monster, the creature of cock, or otherwise known as the sexy guy who stalks and gets his man every time. Jarec’s a versatile top and has appeared in 11 movies for now, whereas Landon Conrad has appeared in 27. Landon started out back in 2012 when he first appeared in a five-way fuck fest scene with, among others, Colby Jansen and Rocco Reed. Since then he’s balled with Phenix Saint, Topher Di Maggio and Billy Santoro. I think it’s fair to say that Landon Conrad knows his porn stuff and is not scared of a cock or two.
In this cased though it’s just the one, and it hangs from the chiselled body of Jarec Wentworth as he prowls the park looking for his next fuck. With Landon firmly in his sites he moves in quickly for the thrill and soon the guys are chatting and Landon is hooked. Very soon after this they are inside and kissing. The clothes are starting to come off and we can see the muscles, the bulging biceps the prefect pecs and the smooth, toned flesh of two hunky models going at it with passion.

Landon is soon down on Jarec’s hard cock, and the guys are naked on a bed. They swap around and Jarec gets to suck on Landon’s mighty meat a while as the guys gasp and grapple. Landon’s balls have ridden right up, they are full and ready to fire, but not just yet. First we get the awesome sight of Jarec Wentworth rimming out Landon Conrad’s hole. He treats his ass to some serious licking and tongue play before the studly bottom guy lowers himself down over the other guy’s cock and we get the up-close fuck scene that this site is so famous for.

These two men put themselves in all manner of positions in front of the mirror so we get to see every action from every angle as the scene heats up and speeds up. Jarec fast fucks the cum from Landon who lets his tight nuts release their jizz all over his chest. And then Jarec Wentworth lets his jizz fly, pounding his dick hard and shooting his load over Landon Conrad, the Predator’s lust once more satisfied.

JR Bronson Making A New Porn Video With Gay Pornstar Landon Conrad

Having always liked the smell of gasoline, JR Bronson takes a job as a gas station attendant. When customer Landon Conrad comes in one night to wash off after spilling gas, Bronson decides he wants to lock the door and clean Conrad up himself, pipes and all.

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Deputy Tommy Defendi takes down a group of gangsters in the city. Not wanting to go to jail, they work out a deal with Defendi to be his on standing play things if he lets them go. Casting Landon Conrad, Marcus Ruhl, Liam Magnuson and Trevor Knight as the gang bangers, you will love the banging going on in this film

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Tommy Defendi gets to have sex with Landon Conrad

Landon Conrad, CEO of GAYMAN magazine, takes on a new personal assistant Tommy Defendi. Working up close and personal proves to be too much for them, as they take each other one night on the company board room table.

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Brett Carter Making A Gay Porn Video With Landon Conrad

Getting divorced after his wife was unfaithful, Landon Conrad decides to open his options by taking home Brett Carter after a night out. Lots of cock sucking and ass pounding take place in this steamy film.

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Married man Landon Conrad Get Gay Sex

Married man Landon Conrad can’t hide what he wants anymore. Taking a trip to a neighboring city, Conrad meets Connor Maguire, a hot single eager to get freaky with a married man. Taking him in his mouth, Conrad finally gets that first taste of cock.

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Gay Pornstars In Jizz Orgy

In the third of this series, Colby Keller decides to take a trip to the future. In the year 3845, Keller meets JD Phoenix, who is a sexual alien eager to take Keller under his wing, and under his body as he pumps his ass hard.

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Landon Conrad together with Liam Magnuson

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Landon Conrad and Phenix Saint fucking

The old story takes a new twist when Romeo Landon Conrad has eyes more for the sexy Phenix Saint. Conrad shows Saint how badly he wants him one night when he seduces him with his mouth, then rides Saint to finish the job.

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